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Business Services

Business Protection Plans:  We will tailor a business protection plan for you which will allow you to save money on technology costs while ensuring that when something goes wrong you will be protected.  Business plans give you the peace of mind to know your data and technology are protected.


Microsoft Windows Server: Technology Solutions has a vast amount of experience setting up, configuring and deploying servers.  Whether you need a file server, email server, print server, etc. we can assist you in choosing what solution will suit your needs with the least amount of cost involved.  We can also help you with any problems you may be experiencing with your current servers or guide you thru adding and managing services to these servers.


Networking: Looking to add broadband internet access to your office?  Want to go Wireless?  We can help you get up and running with the least amount of hassle or worry for you.  Technology Solutions can assist you with installing wiring, adding wireless (or wired) switches, adding Ethernet jacks, and consult with you on how to manage your new network once it is complete.


Data Backup: You've worked hard to build your business or have many years invested in pictures and files.  Now is the time to ensure you have these files securely backed up.  Do not risk losing these important business files.  We can assist you with choosing a reasonably priced backup solution that will give you the peace of mind to know your data is safe and easily retrievable when disaster strikes.


Website design/Social networking implementation: Having a website and social media presence for your business has become a necessity but it doesn't have to be a daunting task.  Let us help you put together a website or get up and running on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  in a reasonable amount of time with a cost which will be very manageable for your business. We can either provide you with a finished website or guide you thru the steps to create your own.  With on-call support to help you when you need it, you will find out that moving into the social media scene will be easy and (sometimes) fun!


Consulting:  With all the issues you are facing today to run your small business why add computers and technology to that list?  Wouldn't it be simpler to let us help you navigate these ever changing waters?  Give us a call today for any problems you may be having from the relatively simple, like setting up a new computer, to the complex, like putting up a firewall or email server.  You will be happy with the results and have one less issue to be concerned with.