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Consumer Services

Whatever problem you may be having with your personal laptop, desktop or tablet, we offer on-site diagnosing and pick up/delivery of your computer for repair.  We can quickly evaluate your problem and fix it on the spot or take it with us for more complex problems.  There is no need for you to worry about what parts to bring in or cables we may need; let us take care of that for you!


Virus Removal: Computer viruses are an ever growing threat to your computer and your personal information.  We can clean out any viruses you may currently have as well as put an antivirus in place to prevent future infections.


Hardware Repair: Having trouble with your laptop or desktop hardware?  Technology Solutions can detect the failing part, replace it and have you back up and running.


Personal Computer Training:  With the ever evolving operating systems and software it can be hard to know exactly what your computer is capable of doing.  We can help you with one-on-one training to help you understand how to get the most out of your computer.  We have in depth knowledge of software and hardware systems and a long history of helping people to become better computer users in a non-threatening, cost-effective, friendly environment.


Screen Repair:  Have a cracked cell phone, tablet or laptop screen?  Most screens can be replaced at a much lower cost than replacing the entire device.  Technology Solutions can evaluate your device and tell you if it is cheaper to replace or repair your device…all at no cost!


Data Backup:  Unfortunately, most home computer users don’t understand how easy it is to backup and save all those important documents, pictures and movies.  Let us show you how to safeguard the things that are important to you!


Online Security:  It is becoming more and more difficult to maintain access to the internet and all it has to offer without identity theft, viruses, or loss of privacy.  Technology Solutions can help you to understand these pitfalls and how to avoid them.  Through some simple applications and training you can feel more comfortable with going onto the internet and using it to help you make life easier.