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Educational Services

With over 12 years’ experience working in schools Technology Solutions is very familiar with the challenges which teachers, administrators and staff face.  We offer services to help you make your technology work for you towards your goal: educating our children.  In conjunction with Learning Equalizer, we are able to provide you with solutions which align with evidence based practices proven to increase your students and teachers successes.


Technology As Co-Teacher: The TACT Program is broad reaching, but tailored to individual schools, administrators, and teachers.  Whether a school is looking to educate their entire faculty through professional development programs, inspire their administrative staff with the latest educational best practices, or empower a small group of teachers, the TACT program is always designed around your unique needs!


Education Tailored Solutions:  All of the work we do for schools and educational institutions are designed specifically with the necessary safeguards and compliance with standards necessary for the school to be successful.  Whether there is a need for feasibility studies, implementation of new hardware/software, or training for students and faculty, Technology Solutions ensures the highest level of implementation and coordination with the school.  We have a proven record of making students, schools and administrators more successful.